CK belt and Underwear by Renuar

I know I haven't haven't done a fashion haul kind of post for ages. But today it's high time to. 
I did a bit of shopping (well, mostly window shopping, alas!) and occasionally I got lucky to have found this super stylish belt by Calvin Klein (which is one of my favourite brands ever!!!). 
I love its minialistic allure it has all over the place due to the moderate black and the brass buckle with the brand's engraved name on it. 
Also I was in urgent need of a new underwear because I've run out of the one risking to freeze my bollocks off. I buy only (!) black or white boxers by David Beckham for Calvin Klein coz they're super soft and comfortable. But they sell them only in big chain stores here in Krasnodar which are too far from my Middle -  of - Nowhere type of home. That is why I just went to the nearest thrift shop and found these cute white boxers by Renuar (the brand I've never heard of afore). Not only are they cheap, but also very comfy. I loves it. 
Yes, and despite my intention was to buy a simple white short-sleeved shirt, I ended up buying the belt and the pants. And you know what? No regrets! 

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