Central Base gay bar opening

I'm not a clubber at all  (coz frankly speaking I've developed a 'sex-hunters phobia' over the years) so I don't usually visit night clubs let alone gay bars! But occasionally a few days ago I heard of the party launched by one of the most popular LGBT 'cabarets' in my city - called Central Base - in occasion of their re-opening at the new location spot.
A few shots of lemon vodka and here I am wearing red jeans and black velvet jacket a la old school Gucci style wild - dancing surrounded by drag queens and gayderellas of all sorts.
Gosh, I had so much fun!
Here's a series of short videos I took during the party.

PS: These are  not  promoted videos and I'm not paid for the event covering. I don't think that this club is worth visiting if you personally don't want it to. This is just a post where I share my emotions about one day in my life with my readers.

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