Person of the Day: Danila Polyakov

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I was literally shocked when I typed the name of this undoubtedly gorgeous and talented red-haired angel and I didn't find any mention of him on, or BoF which are my MUST READ sites ever.
And that sucks coz Danila Polyakov is obviously worth mentioning. He used to work for Fendi, Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier and other dinosaurs of fashion. Who the fuck (among Russian male models) can boast about such a demand? No-one.
This bitch is an equivalent of art just because of his existence. Watch his LSD - inspired art performances in Russian underground on YouTube and you'll surely get what I'm talking about.
Danila is wearing heels like he was born in them. Designers give him clothes for nothing.
Before Bryan Boy tried his renowned image of Anna Wintour  for Halloween parties, Danila had already been shot by David Bradshaw, hired by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia for a photoshoot.
Polyakov's image is unique. He's a male Kate Moss in her best years to me. Words just can't explain my admiration of this man.  I would die for just an exchange of a couple of  words with him not to mention friendship. What think you?

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