Photo picnic at the "Sunny Island" park

Some days ago I got an alert from a friend via a very popular social outlet that there's a so called "photo picnic" destined especially for   fashion photographers & models at one of the local parks in Krasnodar. I thought I should go (though I'm neither a photographer nor a model) cause why spending the entire weekend in front of the computer instead of spending it out with a good company?  
As  a result it all turned out to be a simple but very authentic past time and the best way to get rid of bad thoughts to me.
Though there were not so many people who would join the event as it was expected, I spent time perfectly cause I was surrounded by very good & loyal new friends.
Besides,  I got a real professional photoshoot from Victoria, a very talented photographer from Krasnodar, for free! 
Gosh, I'm dying when I'm looking at the photos we made. They're gorgeous, no? 
It took us less than 15 minutes to make this beauty real! I'm impressed...
You may order the professionnal  photoshoot from Victoria Kompaniez as well by contacting her direcltly via her personal social media accounts I'm posting below:

Instagram (click here)
VKontakte (click here)

Now enjoy my sassyness and beauty in a form of art: 

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