Gucci Cruise 2017 Fashion Show

Looking like your old Granny is cool again now due to the new Gucci's Creative Director, Alessandro Michele's vision of his new Cruise Collection for Gucci shown on June 2 in London. 
Dead English royals must have died for the second time around as the venue chosen for the show was their final resting place aka the Westminster Abbey. I mean where else on Earth is there a place where church can give the green light for a fashion show? God bless the UK! 
As for the collection itself I can say that it's very inspiring and promising in terms of figures (I hope so!).
I'm sure with an infusion of the "new blood" in the body of a legendary fashion house as Gucci undoubtedly is, there will come a new lucky era for Gucci. 
Oh that gown coat with a cat face embellished print (Look # 14) and that chic top-notch super duper cool leopard print fur coat (Look # 17). I wonder how many English cocks do I need to suck in order to afford at least one of the total looks seen on the runaway? *crying emoticon* (Just a joke!). 
Since Tom Ford Gucci period (which is the best one to me in the entire history of the brand), in my humble opinion,  this is another best collection by Gucci. 
Sorry, I now have to be off to ring up  my grandma and say: "Go upstairs, darling, now it's high time to poke around your old attic - dusted stuff in order to have found something Gucci-esque,  "Michele era!" for your sassy son of a bitch!". Ha-ha. I love y'all.

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