#Anapa short-term vacaycay

I know procrastination is my second name so that I sencerely apologize, my dear followers for the lack of constant blog updates, but I've got one big excuse for that. My Instagram followers  know how much I've got on my plate for this couple of months that's why my blog has been like an abandoned island for all this time I was not with you, my adorable fash - cuties! I missed you so much. Hope you too! 
Now let's get to the business: lastly I got a couple of days for rest, so one of my friends suggested to go to Anapa for three days 
Krasnodar Region is full of beautiful places which are WORTH visiting and Anapa is one of them, hands down. So I thought why not?! I've never been there before and I also like to explore new places. 
Gosh! I had so much fun while splashtastic water gliding at the beach water theme park yet astounding basic bitches people around with a silver nailpolish on my feet. It was hysterical when one of them 'vacationers' approached to me and asked who I was meaning my gender. Who do you think I said I was& Of course, "a 'mean gurl' seeking for attention to extremes". Ha-Ha. LOL (*Just a joke*). 
Then we visited a "30 Years of Victory" Theme Park with  all its magical neon jungles. 
It's not the best theme park in the world for sure but when you are surrounded by your best friends the location doesn't matter indeed. You can chill and let your hair down whenever you go.  All those 'laughable moments' that we had together were very therapeutical. 
BTW there saw the light a brilliant idea  - to create another YouTube channel which name I'll keep in secret for now cause I need to think over the whole concept, but I'll let you know the details of the project as soon as possible. 
I'm going to visit Anapa in August for my another best friend from Vologda is coming to Krasnodar, so the sunbathing, bitchfacing, swimming  are in our FUN ACTIVITIES list. 
Enough babble, enjoy the pics. 

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