Maurice Chabale's track of the week: J. Volkova Breaking me

Here's my favorite new track  (actually a demo teaser) for the new season. Summer is already saying "adios, amigos",  so it's time to upgrade your iPod tracklists to keep your mood upgrated. Julia Volkova's (ex T.A.T.U) new song has its vibe. Enjoy! 

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In between

This summer I've been to so many places, but as usual the best place is not so far away. Yesterday I even could discover two: the bank of the river Kuban and my backyard area fields. What a privilege was to be there accompanied by my younger brother Antony who I made to work as my personal slave photographer a little bit. IMHO he did good thanks to his new XIAOMI REDMi 3 phone camera. 
I love the result we got out of two hours of non-stop shooting at the basketball pitch, then at the dirt jumping place, then around the area where we even made a short vine which I already posted on my Youtube channel
As the pictures show it right I'm really enjoying life but to be frank sun is not on my side in reality. I'm going through diffcult times. I won't tell what it is at least for now. I hope you'll understand and just support me. I can only tell that the 28th of August is a transitional point to me where my life will split in 'before' and 'after' parts. Anyway I'm praying for good and I believe everyting is going to be all right. 

 shirt by ZARA, baseball cap by FixPrice, 
sandals by Centro, watch by Michael Kors 

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"BiB" ('Buy it betch') accessory line?

In the previous post I promised to show you a choker necklace that I was about to DIY. Here it is:

As I hate broken promises, I'm introducing my first 'HOW TO' tutorial in the current post. So, why did I decide to make a necklace myself, you may wonder? If you haven't noticed necklaces are one of the on-going trends.  I hope it will be so for a long time and this type of accessory won't bid adieu soon. 

Chokers were featured by many  fashion houses during Resorts and Spring - Summer Collections (Etro, Anna Sui, Valentino, Dior).  They used to be very  popular back in the day (in 90-s I guess) but now they're back again. And I love it! 

I mentioned it many times that I'm all Mr. Clumsy when it comes to making things with my own hands, but this time I thought why drop a bajillion rubles on a brand new (hot  and trendy though) item when you can easily do it yourself?  There's is one simple, quick and cheap way for lazy DIY-ers to create an amazing piece of neck jewellery which I'm about to share. 


 shirt by WE, choker by MauriceChabale,

 sunglasses by OBNOVKA

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You know that my favourite activity after shoppping, cycling and gangbang sex is camwhoring. 
I love it so much that, just in case, I would be ready to sell my kidney, just let me mince and give my airs in front of a camera for a little while. A few days ago I got a chance to work with amazing team from  LIMONAD photoschool who gave me a unique opportunity to be in a photomodel's shoes. 
Of course, with no pretense:  who am I to steal the bread out of all-the-way-down perfect, skinny, shiny, and  rich betches? 
But, gosh, I loved the process of photoshooting! It's so creative and fun! 
The interesting thing which I mentioned in one of my previous posts is that I firstly was supposed to be an assistant to my friend who was a real model, but lo and behold I then replaced her at doing her best of the best to get the look. 
Special thanks for that to Julia Chicago, a very promising young photographer from LIMONAD photoschool. If you want to get a professional photoshoot from Julia, please contact her here
Now tell me, sugarbabes, did I get the lewk? 

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Hello, Blogger people. What's good? I'm currently surfing the net in hope to find inspiration, so the Spring Summer 2017 Collections is the best way for me to do so. Raf Simons SS17 show at Pitti Uomo is my personal favourite of them all. What think you about the Raf's show. As for me,  I'm super excited. I think it's really relevant to what  young generations  are seeking for in high -  profile street style fashion: deconstracted gender-bending forms, provocative prints (can't wait to see that erected cock on somebody's IG streetstyle feed), snuggie-like jumpers, and shirts with excessively long arm sleeves etc. 
I'm telling y'all that boyfriend drop shoulder oversized type of a shirt has become my favourite of now existing K-pop runaway trends. I'm also going to DIY a choker tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or some days later - oh the procrastination! -  cause the idea of some came to my mind while watching this collection. I'll post the total look featuring the choker here on my blog when the one is ready. Hope not to chop my finger off. 

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