"BiB" ('Buy it betch') accessory line?

In the previous post I promised to show you a choker necklace that I was about to DIY. Here it is:

As I hate broken promises, I'm introducing my first 'HOW TO' tutorial in the current post. So, why did I decide to make a necklace myself, you may wonder? If you haven't noticed necklaces are one of the on-going trends.  I hope it will be so for a long time and this type of accessory won't bid adieu soon. 

Chokers were featured by many  fashion houses during Resorts and Spring - Summer Collections (Etro, Anna Sui, Valentino, Dior).  They used to be very  popular back in the day (in 90-s I guess) but now they're back again. And I love it! 

I mentioned it many times that I'm all Mr. Clumsy when it comes to making things with my own hands, but this time I thought why drop a bajillion rubles on a brand new (hot  and trendy though) item when you can easily do it yourself?  There's is one simple, quick and cheap way for lazy DIY-ers to create an amazing piece of neck jewellery which I'm about to share. 


 shirt by WE, choker by MauriceChabale,

 sunglasses by OBNOVKA

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So if you opt for a classy wraparound choker like I do, all you need is just a strip of velvet ribbon, and two metallic anglets.

If you don’t have a tape measure, tie a piece of ribbon around your neck and mark how much you’ll need before cutting your ribbon. Then fix the anglets on the both ends of the string. And voila! There you have it: a swanky,  lightweight, new necklace made by yours truly that will definitely do set the tone whatever you're wearing. 

It's up to you to add either a chain extender for an adjustable fit and more secure,  any charms for extra cuteness, or not.I like it minimalistic.

Advantage of this kind of choker is that you can easily transform it into a two-length choker or whatever by using a pearl for example.  

Here's a website called 'REGALROSE' with many types of choker necklaces for both online accessory shopping and inspiration. 

Back to the name of the post, let me comment on it. I liked DIY-ing so much that I started to think about creating an exclusive accessory line specifically for my readers. I mean why not? The name of the line "Bib" ('Buy it betch') sounds provocative and worthy of attention, no? Besides, each and every of my dearest fashionable monkeys will have a piece of me (I can perfume, salivate, DNA my pieces for ya!). *JUST*A*JOKE*! Anyway,  let me know what you think. 

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