You know that my favourite activity after shoppping, cycling and gangbang sex is camwhoring. 
I love it so much that, just in case, I would be ready to sell my kidney, just let me mince and give my airs in front of a camera for a little while. A few days ago I got a chance to work with amazing team from  LIMONAD photoschool who gave me a unique opportunity to be in a photomodel's shoes. 
Of course, with no pretense:  who am I to steal the bread out of all-the-way-down perfect, skinny, shiny, and  rich betches? 
But, gosh, I loved the process of photoshooting! It's so creative and fun! 
The interesting thing which I mentioned in one of my previous posts is that I firstly was supposed to be an assistant to my friend who was a real model, but lo and behold I then replaced her at doing her best of the best to get the look. 
Special thanks for that to Julia Chicago, a very promising young photographer from LIMONAD photoschool. If you want to get a professional photoshoot from Julia, please contact her here
Now tell me, sugarbabes, did I get the lewk? 

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 shirt & belt by Modis, jacket by Lanificio F.LLI Cerruti, 
sunglasses by NEW YORKER jeans by Calvin Klein,
 shoes by Centro/ 

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