F***ck MOI, I'm famous: Part II

Bragging is my second name, so I'd like  to share great news with you, my dearest readers:  I made a cameo appearance on TALKYLAND, an online chat forum where people discuss different topics,  under a sub-topic "Interesting blogs to follow". One of the users mentioned my blog over there (you can read it in Russian here). I will translate the message for my English-speaking followers, if you don't mind: 

"I like mauricechabale.com. It's run by an up-and-coming blogger. His way of writing is funny and his photos are unusual. The topics are varied but mostly the blog is about fashion, art, style and clothes. I found some useful advices for myself out of the guy's wardrobe selections he made in one of his headings"

Thank you, my darling (you now who you are!), for spreading a word about my humble persona. I think a hoarde of betches should follow your steps and talk about me anywhere possible. I love love love each & everyone of you! 

Off topic: the photo you see above is made by my younger  brother about a week ago in the open-air swimming pool area at the "POBEDITEL" (Winner) village which is not far from my hood. I really recommend you to visit the place if you somehow have a couple of free days in Krasnodar. You may find further information and necessary contacts here

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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