Alex Katz pour H&M 

Photo collage by Maurice Chabale 
(Used a portrait photo from Alex Katz Official website and an H&M logo from here)

Do you remember that crazy #HMBalmaination year when frantic diehard fans lined up at the dawn just to get their hands on the collection created by the French fashion house Balmain in collaboration with one of the biggest retailers in the world  - H&M
I guess the same story will repeat in case with the highly anticipated Kenzo & H&M collaboration launch on November, 3 2016. 
I'm sure,  hoards of paesants customers will fight tooth & nail smashing the store windows on their way to get closer to fabulous Kenzo aethetics at cheaper price.
But what should be really worth fighting for is a unique selection of pieces born thanks to Alex Katz and H&M recent team up.  
You can read this legendary American artist's biography here and then you'll understand why this particular colaboration is more exciting compared to all the H&M former team-ups with different luxury brands. 
If is to be trusted, "from December 1 [this year], fans of his [Alex Katz] style worldwide will be able to take home clothing (both womenswear and menswear), accessories and homewares emblazoned with his sought-after artworks". 

Dipping into the art collaboration waters is not a newly invented bicycle anymore, there are lots of examples to prove it. Read this article in "W" magazine to know more about the topic. 
I think Alex Katz pour H&M  collection is really great news for people who face an eternal New Year's Eve Presents Dilemma. 
So, save your pennies! Bonne chance and happy shopping to y'all! 

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