Celestial escapees

I can finally get my hands on the blog to write my impressions of "Celestial Escapees" at "ODIN TEATR", a performance based on a few of Ivan Bunin's short stories. This is my second visit of this small stage. I really love it for its giving a sincere touch of intimacy set between the actors and us, the spectators. 
My first time was when I visited the same theatre two years ago on the Mother's Day. 
That was "A portrait", performance given by an individual professional actor Ravil Giljazetdinov, based on one of Nicolai Gogol's novels (you can read the blog entry about it here). 
This time was different, because Bunin is that type of  writers who come from childhood and kindly associated with it, that's why he has a special place in my heart.  I still remember the time when I locked myself in the turned - into - a - room balcony place and was absorbed in reading of the "Dry Valley" complation of short stories. 
"Celestial escapees" was one more portion of the Bunin magic, that I'm always taken up with. 
Unfortunately, this kind of magic - real mix of genious acting, authentic ambiance, play live instruments and handmade costumes - is impossible to analyze and to describe in words. It has to be seen live! 
Some moments tended to be so touching that I could hardly resist myself from bursting into tears. 
My personal excitement about the show was doubled by the fact I had my partner by my side who had been holding my hand in his hand (hidden under a jacket though) during the entire play. Then we had supper in sushi place, went for a stroll and he showed me a very beautiful Aurora Complex of Singing Fountains, colourfully lighted by neon lights underneath streams of water pulled up in the air. You can enjoy them on my VK page (here). 
To cut a long story short, I felt really happy that day. The performance was so wonderful that  it inspired me to write like a "memoir" blog entry on my second blog  for Livejournal. If you are a Russian speaking person, you can read the full entry here, if not - just enjoy the photos.

My look of the day included: Ray ban sunglasses, handmade vest & trousers & fake Chanel pearl necklace - courtesy of Helen Lichutina, shirt by H&M, watch by Michael Kors. shoes by Centro. 

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