On October, 22 2016 there was a small event canape-and-champagne like party thrown by Kate Starikova, a famous entrepreneur from Krasnodar who apart from her main project - Street Style Krasnodar - set a new one -  St.Image School. I've been following Kate on her social media accounts for years. And I like what she does, so I decided to go and support her. 
St.Image School is an educational project for basic bitches who are unfamiliar with what style is people who want to learn how to 'correctly' sort out their clothes, build their image up from the bottoms, do make-up and all that sort of 'styling' thing. 
It's quite phenomenal cause, come on,  in our oitskirts of nowhere aka Krasnodar noone cares about the way they look. 
Kate with her incredible talents of team-building could gather together all the talented people in town (make-up artists, beauty parlour owners, stylists and image-makers) and founded a creative space for enthusiasts like herself. And it's really hard to resist from subscribing to school's 23 days programme. 
As for the schedule of the newbie student stream follow the St.Image School's business account and you'll find it there. 
Speakers are all bright and really professional personas: Ruslan Egiyans, Nataly Morozova, Alex Striga and many others. 
The funny thing is that at the event I was a single male among more than twenty five girls (male speakers are not counted). 
I liked it especially much because I met my former student there whom I haven't met for two years since she graduated from my course of French and left for London to continue studying. 
She told me she wanted to work in PR. 
So who knows, maybe she'll help to spread the word about my self-glorifying blog for its only purpose is to make my glitter ass rich and famous?! (I'm kidding). I love y'all! 

 Photo courtesy: Michael Aksenov

 Photo courtesy: Michael Aksenov

I'm wearing a bomber jacket, wool trousers by Helen Lichutina, a polyester long sleeve sweatshirt by Modis, clutch by Salvatore Ferragamo, sunglasses by RayBan.

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