I can't believe I turned 29 (TWENTY-FUCKIN'-NINE) years old the day before yesterday! 
Why? Like when I look in the mirror I always see that young naive boy whom I've been used to seeing for years. 
The difference between now & then is that Prada bags under my eyes  became way darker & more grey hairs appeared on my head. Who cares though? They still don't sell alcohol to me without asking for a passport, friends keep texting me: "OMG! You don't look like you're about to hit 30 at all" and, of course, I can't say I don't like it. Anyway me and my pal Vadim agreed to discover the magic of plastic surgery in a year. Live & see...
Time flies but I can remember my previous birthday which I spent alone. I felt so sick and miserable, abandoned by everyone. The current birthday is a different story. It started at Krasnodar Fashion Week 2016 followed by chilling with friends at 'Central Base' VIP zone and then continued at 'Minami' sushi bar with the people closest to my heart. I feel more than satisfired with it. 
Let the pictures talk for themselves. 

 jacket by Helen Lichutina

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