Bershka leopard skin faux furcoat & Zara "MJ" sequinned jacket

Before heading to DNS  I popped by two corners at "Gallery Krasnodar" yesterday because I was looking for cheap and chic leopard print eyewear frames (something like this). 
They occasionally were Bershka & Zara. I know due to quality issues and all that hypocrite  talk around  'fast fashion' moguls it's bad and anti-human to shop at such places but since you're poor what are you supposed to do if you still want to be on - trend? You go & shop at Zara (or Bershka), of course. I don't but this time I needed the frames that's why I went to these particular corners. I had limited funds to buy original Fendi or even Etnia Barcelona, that's why local 'fast fashion' brands were just OK,  because I simply wanted to change the frames of my old crusty Crystal Clear glasses. I didn't need the new glasses, so why overpay? 
Unfortunately they didn't have anything I liked there. But they had very nice faux fur - coat at Bershka and a Michael Jackson's  "Billie Jean"- inspired  black sequin jacket (Click here to buy). They both fit me perfectly, no? 

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