Krasnodar Fashion Week 2016: Season 3

I finally made it over to Krasnodar Fashion Week 2016 on November, 11 and got my pics from the event a few hours ago. I wouldn't have attended the shows but for my friends who were the press over there (yes, that means I got a ticket for free!). Thank you very much, my dearest: you know who you are! 
All I want to say is that I had so much fun. I popped by the "ЛУК" corner shop, got some still water (eugh! shame on my doctor who strictly tabooed my alcohol consumption) and managed to watch five (!) shows. 
The funniest part of it all was when me & my friend D, who was sitting beside me, were sharp-tonguing about almost every collection. I can't rememeber what exactly we were saying but I remember how my non-existent ABS muscles would ache the next day because of having laughed my guts out. 
I guess I was the only person at this Fashion Week who knew all the celebrities aka "kea" people who were photo-worthy there so I didn't miss the chance. My jaw dropped down when I saw Max Gor, who used to style Ksenia Sobchak, Editor-in-Chief of L'Officiel Russia. And I asked my photographer to immediately snap us together. YAAAAAAAAAAS! Thank you,  Max! 
Even my love Kate Starikova, founder of St.Image School and head of the famous local project Street Style Krasnodar, that I told you about in THIS post, was there and she kindly agreed to take a photo of hers. 
Hysterical it was when she said to her photographer a bit later: "M***, you better snap us together with this boy right now!" and then  - to me: "Come on, show your beautiful pearls, hon. Quick! ". Tick, tick, tick! 
I really like Kate, cause I think she is a talented manager who works hard to form a relatively presentable fashion landscape out of a shithole  Krasnodar city. Thank you for the special moment, darling and thank you for not being snobish like many fashion people are! *WINK* 
To cut a story short, I hope I will manage to attend not only KFW but many other world fashion events in the future, so live and see! 
For now I am thankful for the opportunity to outshine them all wearing my faux Chanel pearl necklace and that mesh top with a pleather corset shine bright like a diamond! Just a joke!!!  LOLZ! 
I love y'all! Quick, don't sleep, enjoy the photos and leave a comment below! 

I'm wearing: Helen Lichutina trousers, vintage coat, Zara mesh top, 
vintage pleather corset belt, vintage pearl necklace, Stylen Gard brogues, Chanel sunglasses

 Kate Starikova aka KatySouthStyle

 Me & Max Gor


Me & Max Gor 

 P.S; I didn't have my camera on me that day -  so I don't have anything to show you, the collections I mean. But if you are interested what KFW16 was about you may visit their official website and see the photos from all three seasons. There are several short videos on my Instagram too (link below). Go check it out! 

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