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Guys, I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I really don't blog as often as I should. 
But this is just because there's been lots of hidden work going on recently. And I am happy to show up with the first fruits of my labor: I have launched my OWN label called "Maurice Chabale Design".  It's a non-official launch yet. I will inform you about the day when you are able to pre-order my products online. There are several "key" items of the collection which already saw the light but there's still lots of work to do.  I have a personal schedule (I cannot call it "business plan") which I religiously follow so I hope that  me and my team will be able to  launch sales  soon. By the end of December I suppose. 
By now I have created an official Instagram account of the brand where you may find inspiration from posts which reflect the brand's aethetics. 
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Now let's get right to the business. Let me tell you a bit what the whole concept is about and how the idea of creating a brand was born. 
You know fashion IS my obsession. I mean literally. I simply can't live without beautiful images in zines, I can't imagine my life without planning my wardrobe every month, I will also die if I am somehow deprived of  an ability to be inspired by things which DO inspire me 24 hours a day. 
Over the years I've developed a personal fear of not being accepted by particular 'circles', of being booed and laughed at -  that's why I never thought of crossing the borderline between my creative mental images and bringing them into reality. In other words I was scared of the idea of overcoming my insecurities and doing something significant. 
I remember once I had an argument with an ex-friend of mine and he angrily said: "You are pathetic. You haven't done anything in this life and you don't have a right to behave like that. You are NOTHING". I was a very proud bird and I thought: "This basic bitch working as a freelance hairdresser in a dirty basement can't say things like that! I know who I am". But did I, indeed? 
His words rooted inside my mind. Since then I got many questions with no answer: "Who am I?", "What is my target?" "What do I want?" etc. 
And with that in my head I kept finding reasons & self-excuses for not fighting against my inner phobia. At the same time I have always had a vision which concerned particular things and I really wanted to create something which would correlate with my inner world. 
I had been making clothes for Barbies since school years (the designs were not that bad I must say!), I could handle  that 'Janome' sewing machine when I was 7 years old thanks to my mom, I constantly made those "Fashion zines" which were actually plain school copybooks filled with fashion magazines cut-outs, clumsy sketches, patches of fabrics glued to paper, and so on and so forth.
The difference between NOW & THEN is that I  don't care anymore. I feel completely free thanks to many reason: from the fact that I have grown up in many ways (mentally & professionally) and to the vast abilities which all the social media give to all of us nowadays. As a matter of fact I'm going to do what I want/need to do. If people like it I would be really glad, but this story is not about combining as massive audience as possiple. This is more about overcoming my own self: fearful & insecure. And what is more important: this is also about creating beautiful things in a very particular sense as I envision them. Things which are going to be your second identity!  


Maurice Chabale Design – is a Russian conceptual unisex brand founded by Alex Lichutin.
Maurice Chabale’s debut collection, entitled Monochromatic combines the designer’s own aesthetic with thinking and modern young generation’s culture. The idea is to create timeless and affordable pieces of handmade clothes and accessories while working with locally sourced materials and catering the best craftsmanship to exclusive clientèle of the brand.
Maurice Chabale Design creates unique items in a limited number of variations (sometimes there is only one single piece possible to purchase!).
Alex took inspiration in the surrounding areas, friends, his home interior, his background and rich Russian culture -  mixed it all together and spit it out in a form of a look book (WHICH IS COMING SOON), Instagram posts for his brand new business account, brand purchase wrappings and, of course, the product itself.
Taking on classic shapes and materials, Monochromatic’s power as collection is at the same time hidden in details, which are relevant and clever. 
All production is done in Krasnodar (South Russia) and Moscow. All garments are designed and created by the designer himself to ensure a high level of produced items.
The A/W17 collection is very item-oriented and it features cotton tops with crocheted decorative details & original prits, plain shirts (65% Polyester/35%Cotton) with non-casual embroidery and exclusive printing work, crocheted bowties, and an accessory line of polymer clay or epoxy resins.

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