Speaking about jackets, I got a new one by Helen Lichutina, my favorite tailor! You can see her profile here
98% of my closet is made by this incredible woman! She's highly talented and I wonder why she isn't at Chanel yet. I guess this is because she is not that ambitious type of person, but I bet she really could work for high-end brands as a seamstress. If you want something extraordinary you can write her directly via VK. But mind that she doesn't speak English, So you better contact me (my e-mail is and I'll find a way to connect both of you and direct your desires toward her. 
I'll deal with the worldwide shipping, but if you are in Krasnodar there's  no problem at all! 
Just contact me and you'll get the best quality for exclusive tailored products!  
I love love love my new jacket!!!  But I think I need to stick some hand-embroidered patches to it. 
It seems a bit 'dull' and way too minimalistic. What think you? 


I was lazy to iron it.  Sorry. When ironed it looks much better. 

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