Nikon D 3100 Camera

The only reason why I love my birthday is presents. The best present to me is money. Over the years 
I 've been always asking for all my family members and friends to relax and give me an amount of money so that I could get the small parts of the sum together and  buy something valuable. Something I REALLY NEED. Something I CHOOSE, not anyone else.  Like in this case they're free of racking their brains which is a good thing I guess.
 Last year I set for a new washing machine, some  years before that was a trip to Moscow, for example. This time one of my biggest dreams came true and I bought a camera. Gosh I feel so happy! I even tenderly call the camera 'my monster, my princess' 😃 
My younger brother Antony is 'techie' so I asked him for help. He advised me to opt for Nikon D 3100 camera. I have to say that this is my first camera in life EVER! I've used iPhone 4 camera for all these years. 
I'not a professional photographer and I don't need a super duper gadget with lots of settings to choose. The camera must be versatile and easy to use. That's it! And yet my main requirement was it had to perform good quality in photos when shooting. 
Antony tried to make some shots yesterday and they are just all right! Hope the camera will serve me for years. 

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