'Oscar'  leather coat by Veisoğlu

Autumn is in full swing, trees do lose their leaves forming a beautiful carpet all over the ground, the days get shorter, the weather gets cooler.  Two days ago it was November, 1 -  which means it won't take more than two months before we all step into the New Year 2017 (!). 
It's time for new beginnings, new changes, doing a step up. I'm working on a new secret  project. can't wait for revealing the details!!!  
Fall season is  also a high time to be multi-layering your skinny carcasses. 
I asked my younger brother to be my slave  photographer for today (he would cost me less than a professionnal one) and we went out to be looking for a location for our photoshoot (I really wanted to show you a new look I styled for myself by mixing newly purchased clothes with some 'old' stuff). That was a few kilometers away from my house which was good cause I wanted to focus on taking pictures, not on restless searching. I guess the result is not so bad. Leave a comment below! 

Helen Lichutina beany, leather coat by Veisoğlu, 
Hermès sunglasses (replica), corduroy shirt by Basefield 

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