Packaging for @mauricechabaledesign T-shirts and bow ties

Yas! I'm so happy that I could have found a proper packaging idea which really stands out. Pity that there aren't many copies of glittered packets (only 3 items)  and I am not sure if I will be able to find a factory where the following samples are produced. I bought them at a pound store on my way home and a bit redesigned the original version. As for the accessories boxes I specially went to the outskirts of  the city a few days ago to find a local paper factory where there is - compared to gift shops - a much wider choice of boxes. I must say that it was not an easy job to find simple style boxes at all.
I bought 6 colored boxes so that I could stick brand stickers to their tops. But they were the last ones on sale,  so it means sooner or later I will have to re-design my brand packaging. Egh. 
There is another side of the coin: three of you lucky ones who will be the first to order my exclusive custom made tee-shirts will automatically be the first to get the limited edition packaging you see below. Follow my corporate  Instagram  not to miss the beginning of our retail sales release. 

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