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"Chef-d'oeuvres de l'École de Paris"

The day before yesterday was surreal, literally. Mainly because I was lucky enough to visit "The Krasnodar Regional Art Museum of Kovalenko" where I saw a wonderful exhibition representing the first time a unique collection of art works by Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Kansinskiy to name a few. All of them belong to different (art) schools and have a different background but there's something which put their graphics together at one place. This is not only their common madness (just kidding) talent, but the fact that they all belong to one of the most popular art movements of the XX-th century which made French & non-French artists broadly affilliate in a creative way.

What can be more exciting than seeing your favorite artist's work face-to-face?! I spent 2 hours at the museum and made 3 circles around all the "espaces d'art" sticking my eyes to every f*cking picture every 2 minutes in a row. When I saw the works of Henri Matisse I was about to burst out crying cows & dogs. That was a very emotional experience. I don't know why. I cannot call myself an "art junky" at all. Maybe my extreme sensitivity was connected with fever I had that day. 
My friend said that this is really exceptional when they add such big names together. Thanks to 
"PSGallery" (art space based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia) & an art collector Mark Bashmakov for sponsoring & curating the event. I was so excited that I wrote a few complimentary words in their "Visitors' Book". If you would like to have my autograph to further sell it on e-bay, go to 13 Krasnaya St., and steal the damn book. Go, go, go! Lolz. Ha-ha! 
Let me say a few words about the division of the  artworks and their merchandising. There are five main sections:

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Who made Madonna's jewelry piece for Billboard WIM 2016? 

Does anyone know who made this jaw-dropping bedazzled yellow bow tie for Madonna? I really need to know! I guess it's Bulgary, but I'm not sure. Thank you very much.
I made a little research for you and found out that apart from the necklace "The Goddess of Music who brings Joy" (as Madge describes herself) was also wearing:

Gucci suit;
Sarah Hendler earrings;
Eddie Borgo bracelet;
Other Jewels by For Future Reference & Lynn Ban;
NOL & Ara Vartanian rings
Styled by Arianne Philips, Anastasia K.,
MUA by Aaron Smith Henrickson
Hair by Andy Lecompte

Click on the brands' names & check them out. Probably you will discover something amazing to treat yourself.

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As far as many of you already know from my previous posts that I have been working on my first collection of selected pieces of clothes for all these months, I am super excited to present you the collection right NOW. Since I haven't got a proper online shop yet, all sales operations  will be undertaken via my website or Instagram. That means that if you like an item you see in the pictures below and would like to have it immediately, you can e-mail me or order the desired object through Instagram Direct by copying the picture with the object you would like to purchase attaching a message to it where you should indicate your name, size & color preferences or any other information you think you would like to include. I should tell in advance that many of the items in the collections are limited edition -  so you should read the captions under pictires carefully before placing your order, because the item may be already sold out.  If we have the item in stock, in return I will send you my payment details which you will  then be able to use for paying your order. Happy shopping! 

NAME: Classic Unisex Long Sleeve Patch Detail Shirt with Hand Stitched Logo
FABRIC: 65% Polyester; 35 % Cotton
COLOR: Dark  Grey
SIZE: M (48-50 European) - (38-40 USA):
Sleeve: 64,5 cm long/16,8 cm wide
Length (FRONT): 68,8 cm
Length (BACK): 74, 5 cm
Width (BACK): 53, 5 cm
NB: Hand Wash Only, No Ironing (especially a logo patch)

NAME: Classic Unisex Long Sleeve  Ostrich Feather Back Shirt
FABRIC: 65% Polyester; 35 % Cotton                 
COLOR: Light Grey 
Sleeve: 65 cm long/20 cm wide
Length (FRONT): 67,3 cm
Length (BACK): 74, 5 cm
Width (BACK): 50, 5 cm
NB: Hand Wash Only, Careful Ironing (especially an ostrich feather detailing)  

NAME: Classic Unisex Long Sleeve  "Young BHL LIBERAL" Back Print Shirt
FABRIC: 100 % Cotton                 
COLOR: Light Blue
Sleeve: 65 cm long/19 cm wide
Length (BACK): 77 cm
Width (BACK): 56 cm
NB: Hand Wash Only, Careful Ironing (No Ironing for the Print on the back)  

NAME: Chain with Shell  Pendant
MATERIALS:  Acrylic, Metal, Shell               
COLOR: Pink/Silver/ White
SIZE: 53 cm long

NAME: Classic Unisex Long Sleeve Wooden Letter Hand Sitched Front Jumper
FABRIC:  65% Cotton 35% Polyester                
COLOR: Black
Sleeve: 43,8 cm long/18 cm wide
Length (BACK): 52,5 cm
Length (FRONT): 64 cm
Width (BACK): 71,3 cm
NB: Hand Wash Only, Careful Ironing (No Ironing for the Wooden Letters)

NAME: Classic Unisex Long Sleeve  Back Print Shirt
FABRIC: 100 % Cotton                 
COLOR: White
Sleeve: 52,5 cm long/17,5 cm wide
Length (BACK): 64 cm
Width (BACK): 53,5 cm
Length (FRONT): 61 cm
NB: Hand Wash Only, Careful Ironing (No Ironing for Print on the back)