Shopping Spree at OZ mall

Today in the afternoon my mom invited some 'old friends' of her who have changed cities too and came to Krasnodar from Arkhangelsk a few years ago. They haven't seen each other for quite awhile and since I am being an extremely anti-social pig who hates other people in the property, I decided that it was better for me to go out and have some fun outside. 
Primarily I was supposed to visit the "Tesla show" at "OZ mall". Gosh, there were so many paesants I mean people out there that I even could't have had a highly anticipated black burger at a "Naked chef" burger place, but finally ended up having a little shopping spree at "Decathlon"
I am not a sporty person at all but I feel weak in the knees when I see cheap (but considerably well-made) sports clothes & accessories. I ended up buying plain "Domyos" boxer shorts & a pair of spats which I got at the "Huntimg supplies & equipment" department. 
But I also made a long list of things I would like to have in my life NOW. So if you wanna please & tease me somehow for a kiss in the cheek and a blowjob, in exchange, feel free to satisfy my CBD (aka compulsive buying desorder). 

1) Tribord watertight bag  (buy here)

2) Fouganza Equestrian Boots (buy here)

3) Tribord flip - flops (buy here)

Click NEXT to see more pictures 

4) KONSTALDE RAIN TRIBORD boots (buy here)

5) Fouganza Equestrian Trousers (buy here)

6) Boxing shoes

7) Everlast Boxing (buy here)

8) Boxing uniform gown 

9) 'Alaska' nylon bag 

10) Equestrian headpiece

11)  KIPSTA polyester socks

12)  Diving footwear 

13) Transparent raincoat 

14) Camo print jacket 

15) Eyewear for skiing 

16) Dartboard a la Jason Pollock 

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