Photoshoot: Part I 

Blazer, jacket & trousers by Helen Lichutina, New Yorker scarf, Bershka backpack,
 tweed cap by Familiashop

I had so much fun at the photo-shoot with a Limonad photoschool team last weekend. My galpal Julia urgently needed a portfolio for her LIMONAD photoschool project or what have you. So who you think was she supposed to ask for modelling and styling the shoot? You have one try only. LOL
As for me, there is no way I can skip another opportunity for bitchfacing or showing off my new outfits for free in front of a camera. You should have seen faces of basic betches  people around us. I felt like a monkey in the zoo wearing  my Yves Saint Laurent x Hedi Slimane - inspired lewk. 
So our total score is 200 photos which I can't sort out because all of them are worth being posted which is impossible. So it took me around an hour and a half to pick up the best ones to present them to you, my dear readers. And this is only a small part of it all. I hope you'll appreciate the humour hidden in and enjoy the result. 

 Calliope Man tartan print cotton shirt, Pants by Helen Lichutina, 
Sneakers by Stronger (bought at Palatin), socks by Modisbowtie by Maurice Chabale Design

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 Hat by H&M, trousers by helen Lichutina, 
sweater by Calliope Man, bowtie by Maurice Chabale Design 

 Shirt by Fixprice, trousers, jacket by helen Lichutina, sneakers by Stronger (bought at Paladin), top by Maurice Chabale Design
scarf by New Yorker sunglasses by Reserved

 Accessory situation & cotton top by Maurice Chabale Design, 
trousers by Helen Lichutina, sunglasses by Reserved, watch by Rado

DIY-ed  jeans by H&M, Hermes sunglasses

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