Seoul  FW Fall 2017 Pick-Ups

I'm happy to finally have my hands on reviewing the Seoul Fashion Week 2017 collections. I see South Korea as a mesmerizing piece on planet Earth which I unfortunately know a little about, but it doesn't mean I ain't interested. On the contrary, I would die to have a chance to come to Seoul some day and exlore all the magic of street style panorama of  the South Korean streets that we all heard a lot of. 
This is not actually a review as in 'real review',  because you always have more respected critics (like Hillary Alexander or Suzy Menkez, god bless their souls) with a better vocabulary than mine,  you know. So I think it would be precious for my dear readers to just pay attention to some Korean designer names and trends featured at the Seoul Fashion Week through my eyes. 


Supercomma B


 Rocket & Lunch 




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