People at the 2nd Art South 2017 exhibition of modern art

Yesterday I attended my favorite event in the city, an exhibition of contemporary art, - Art South. This time I took an active part in the event: not only had I  photographed most stylish lovers of modern art, but also showcased my personal work of art (a photograph) that I made in collaboration with my galpal Julia Chicago. It was a real success. I'd never felt so happy before until  I got a chance to show my art to large audiences. 

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This is Julia. Check out her Instagram. This betch is really creative. Xo-Xo

This man is like Paris Hilton for a Krasnodar art scene. He has got free access to the most significant events in the city because he is said to be an incredible expert in contemporary art. They let him in whenever he wants to be in and yet he has turned out to be a really nice man. Despite he has serious problems with health, he has never given up breathing art and creating art himself,  and his story  is  a really inspirational example to me.  Me & Valeriy had a little chit-chat when he was going upstairs and I asked him for a snap. Meet Valeriy Skriptchenkov, an artist.   Find him on Facebook and I hope you'll like his works. He needs help and support. Such people give to our world so much by just their simple existing and a few pounds or even a few kind words may be essential to them. Peace y'all. 

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