Roma Uvarow Design Fall/Winter 2017/18 fashion show 

Hello, my dear fashionistas, are ou hungry for a photo galore? As I promised  I'm going to share photos from Roma Uvarov Design fashion show which was over a couple of hours ago. The show was held at the "BC Central" , a very beatiful historical building in the very center of Krasnodar city.
As the Adyghe designer wrote in his blog: "...the new Roma Uvarov Design collection was inspired by Alexandro Jodorowsky's movie "The Holy Mountain"", -  and this is amazing cause hardly had anyone (among the show attendees) known the name of this film director before Roma made it up-to-date?  (just kidding).  Xo-Xo. 
I really loved the concept though: those mirror brooches on a plain black blazer and T-shirts with prints are really a must! 

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