Garage Sale at Typography 

Alexander Orlov & Moi

Hello, my dear reader. Have you been hungry for the latest blog updates from me lately, hah? Sorry for the lack of posts. It's not that easy to sit on two chairs, you know. I have been so busy during these days. That's why I have some things on my plate to share. 
Yesterday I experienced how fun and productive a trivial garage sale can be. It all started from an Instagram post infroming that they were organizing a garage sale at the creative space called  'Typography' where lots of awesome events usually take place in my city, and I remember how at that moment I  had a flash of genius:  "I should be there no mattter how!". So it cost me around 1,5$ of a fee to be enrolled in the game and bang - I got a chance to expose some pieces from my Maurice Chabale Design Spring/Summer 2017 collection and even get some money out of  it. 
Small-crowd-due-to-lazy-PR-managers and only one T-shirt with a pair of sunglasses sold be damned, I met a bunch of really amazing people at the garage sale event. That's what I liked the most about the whole entertainment. 
I met a girl who was making friends with the CEO of one of the biggest shopping malls in Krasnodar City and I convinced her to call him up and ask if it's possible or not to sell my & her clothes on the 3d floor where all the conceptual Russian brands are put together. They both agreed to have a business lunch in a week and fingers crossed, I hope she will not f*ck our chance up and that she'll work it all out well, 
Then I made friends with a 19-year old illustrator. His name is Alexander Orlov and he makes printed shirts, caps and hand - painted badges for his small brand called "РАДСТЬ" (it means "joy" in Russian). We agreed to meet each other once again and discuss a project I would like to elaborate for Maurice Chabale Design. It promises to be really good once it's been born. You'll be the first to see the result of our work, that's for sure. 
But for my grand plan to sell all the clothes and accessories I brought with me (not to bring it back home after) the garage sale having been totally f*cked up, I, on the other hand, got some amazing stuff from other sellers.  I bought a ring from Julia Zverdjanowskiy, a hand  - made accessory maker, then I bought a badge saying "Hooligan" on it from "РАДСТЬ" store, then I got Zara studded derbie shoes (a litl treat for my mom) for free (!), and finally I got an original Adidas tracking suit for  - what? - just like 12$. 
To know that the suit has never been worn and its original cost doubled two times  makes you a special pleasure, doesn't it? 
I will show you my purchases later when I visit Saint - Petersburg in the beginning of July. I hope you will like it. 

This shot was made at the very beginning when all these b*tches still thought they would make big money on their junk until they faced the reality of maximum 30 people in total to drop by and buy a f***ng 3$ tee and then  leave. LOL 

This b*tch was thinking the same way too. Ugh. Anyway, thanks to  humanity who  made up a special term to describe such situations  - we call it 'experience', right? 

I'm wearing a custom made shirt by Helen Lichutina and YSL jeans. I know my hair is a mess. I don't need to be reminded about it  in the comments. Thank you very much. 

This is my favorite clothes rail   (xo-xo)

This is someone else's junk nobody needs. (just kidding)

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