Exhibition of Hermes Scarves "Silk Labyrinth"

As you know, I'm currently in the City of White Nights aka Saint  - Petersburg on a little vacation in the middle of the summer. I'm staying at my relatives' house in the suburbs which is quite good cause I have everything for complete chill & relax here after all the hullabaloo crazy routine in Krasnodar. 
But this relatively quiet life doesn't stop me from the best shopping sprees ever (now they have 70% off - SALES everywhere here) and compellig sight-seeing. Today, for example, I paid a visit to the KGallery  where an exhibition of vintage Hermes scarves is running. If you are in Saint - Petersburg until July, 30 you still have time to see the unique  art  - meets  - fashion collection of hand-crafted masterpieces. 

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