"RADST" T-shirt

I had all envy eyes on me earlier today when I was walking down the Nevsky prospekt all because of my cloud rapper look that I created with the help of my friends from "RADSTSTORE".
The promising streetwear brand created by an all-round creative whose name is Alex released a range of t-shirts, baseball caps, socks and accessories featuring its emotional signature signs and slogans presumably hand-painted or embroidered with obvious references to cloud rap and youth culture as a whole.  
Krasnodar-based "RADST" carved out its place in the regional Instagram - savvy youth circles by catering to its recognizable aethetics that is from the one hand closely related to now already established streetwear brands like "ЮНОСТЬ", "Volchok Clothing", "СПУТНИК 1985" "424" and many more, from the other hand - has already adopted its own uncomparable manifesto and face. 
Actually the are not an atelier so it's impossible to choose a design for prints, but for me they exclusively made an exception, so I could choose my own print and a logo to be embroidered on my customized black cotton tee. Yet they made a pair of socks where the sign says "F*ng Renaissance" as a compliment to my order.  Yaaasss! I love the result so much. What about you?

On me: 
1) Radst t-shirt (order here)
2) Vintage nylon  key strape (from here)
3) Prada sunglasses
4) Gosha Rubchinkiy tracking pants
4) Modis gold necklace
5) Adidas sneakers

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