Dresslily wishlist: I mean tunic tops for fall

Today I would like to suggest you to modify your autumn wardrobes without saying good-bye to our favorite summer season. 
I will show you how to mix tunic tops with some trendy fall pieces. 
But first things first. 
I'm sending you big kisses and hello from Moscow. I guess I know what you may think: "this guy is  crazy if yesterday he was instaposting from the nothernmost ass tail of Arctica and now he's jerking on the Kremlin's wall" LMAO. 
Seriously it was a life - changing experience to spend an amazing week in Saint-Petersburg, then to visit my native land for a monthly staycation just for a spontanous taking off fast for the capital of Russia. I don't know yet how long I am going to stay here, but anyway I don't plan to come back to Krasnodar City until I know I have enjoyed every bits & pieces of   the city which "never sleeps". 
Travelling is especially good as long as you have a wardrobe for each place that you travel to. New place always means a new mood and a new state of mind to me. New mood consequently means new clothes, it's that obvious, no? 
I don't know about you, but as for me I actually plan what I'm going to wear in the city I go to every single time. 
Don't get me wrong: I am not saying that you have to rush cleaning off the shelves of each and every clothes department in your nearest shopping mall. Just a  couple of  new pieces is enough to freshen up your  wardrobe and to magnify as many looks as you want. 
I came to Moscow with no other than a pair of lightweight T-shirts, some training pants, sneakers and camo  - print flat shoes, that's all. So I need some warm clothes for myself to buy before sub-zero temperatures come. DressLily is just perfect for shopping and sweetening autumn looks without breaking your wallet. 
Please have a look at a series of combos I made for you to choose the one as the best option. 

COMBO №1 It's hard to imagine this convertible striped tunic shirt without these PU leather Pants because they're truely a perfect match for each other. Golden metallic earrings won't spoil the sneakers if you wear them in different colors at the same time (white for your left foot, black for your right foot). 
Why not? Look at the grey autumn sky and make your inner hooligan wake up. May be when someone complains about the weather it won't hurt your mood because you know you look so stylish in this "very Demna 4 Balenciaga" polyester long sleeve coat. 

COMBO №2  I love this assymetric T-shirt with a gothic tree print. There's kind of "McQueen" vibe, innit? Actually the other pieces owe it for it's the central piece of  the total look. Classical style jeans jacket is a must when it comes to eye-catching accessories like these Parrot Drop Earrings and stiletto heels. Click on the product names to see full screen photos. They are worth of a detailed observing. 

Dress to express!

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