"Wardrobe stylist/personal shopper" challenge

Hi, guys. I hope you all are doing well despite the fact that the summer is unfortunately coming to its end, which nevertheless doesn't mean that we must stop playing our favorite fashion games, vice versa, - rummaging inside your closet and finding the new cool out of your "well-forgotten old" pieces or shopping some new stuff may give extra energy for meeting the new fashion season. I am sure that most of you have collected loads of  clothes which you think of as 'boring', 'not trendy enough', 'not so up-to-date', but let me tell you that you are not alone in this charming  [my opinion] consumer misconception. Let me tell you why. 
A few days ago I was stayimg at my aunt's apartment. She is a hair-stylist in one of the local beauty-parlours in Arkhangelsk City and like every creator she is obsessed with clothes. When we both meet each other somewhere on our trips we often go shopping together. 
At the same time she constantly complains she has nothing to wear. She spends a lot of time at work so this time I had nothing to do during the daytime until I decided to have a look inside her wardrobe (after her permission, of course).

Gosh, I was shocked by the enormous quantity of wonderful clothes my aunt got. Some of it has never been worn or worn just a few times.
Unfortunately after giving a birth to my cousin she got some extra pounds and most of garments didn't fit her. Being driven by the pure enthusiasm and a wish to help I started  to sort out and organize that fashionable mess by planning the 'new' wardrobe for my favorite auntie.
I had put aside the pieces which she would never wear again before I kept  those ones which she would have smartly mixed with each other to have finally got three looks out of five or six items.
You should have seen  how surprised and happy she was afterwards! 
"I would never think about this type of a combination but for you, dear", - she said gratefully. 
As for me I loved the idea of giving positive emotions to people.
Being a "fasheen digger" wardrobe stylist for one day was the finest pasttime for me ever. 
I thought why not to launch a new special project? I could come and organise your wardrobe and change your style too.
There I made two looks out of my aunt's clothes in different styles. They are destined for different seasons (presumably for warm tempratures outside), so if you don't have the same pieces don't be sad, because you can easily repeat the look with the help of the Rosegal.

You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here? Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off! Time for a new outfit! 

I am absolutely serious. This is a good deal.

Now I am going to show you how smart and fun the trivial procedure of shopping can be. 

Look #1

Photo by me

Start wandering around in a mini dress with a bright floral print. Look at this amazing selection of likewise Bohemian Dresses (http://www.rosegal.com/bohemian-dresses-60/?lkid=185687), for example. There's definetely something for you out there. Boho mini dress is one of the most practical pieces of cloth someone must definetely own in their closet especially when it's paired with a top-notch leather/pleather jacket of a matching color. Add a cute little bag and some free-spirited set of silver jewelry, and yet a pair of edgy sunglasses. Wham! Now you are ready for adventurous leisure evening spent on the bank of the sea(river)side with your friends. Enjoy the peace of the coming fall season and know that you're not only loved but also lookng stunning. 

Look # 2

Photo by me

Don't know what to wear to a rave party? Go for a 90-s style unconvential look of the night. Try an 'old-school'  brocade/embroidered mini dress that will suit perfectly with your favourite necklace. Loose your hair down and don't be afraid of combining the dress with the hottest picks of this season like a beanie hat with emblellished detailing and a sport style backpack. Any blazer, worn as if it's borrowed from your boyfriend's shoulder a sec ago, will add a finishimg touch to the total look. 

Photo courtesy: Rosegal

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