Danila Polyakov in my cam

You maybe remember my "Person of the Day" blogpost I once wrote  about Danila Polyakov, a one of a kind androgyne Russian model who at the age of  19 y.o. debuted at STORM models agency and a few years after already walked for such respected fashion moguls as Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano and even  Gianfranco Ferre.
I like everything about this man: his unique "a bit freaky" personal style, his nonchalant attitude about things he puts his hands on, his freedom in self-expression and so on.  
Like it or not everyone knows his name  (at least in Russia). 
Some people laugh at the shocking behavior of this red-haired badass guy while he doesn't care at all though, some admire him and call him  "true artist" and forgive him for his scandalous tricks  he makes out there. 
People eat it when he shows up at the most glamorous parties wearing a navy blue  "polka dot" print dress and stripper shoes worn together with shabby socks, when he drinks all the champagne served for a dozen of gentlemen in expensive Armani suits. 
How can you not fall in love with a man who once said: "Art helps not to lose one's  mind". 
In my previous blogpost I said I would probably lose consciosness when I meet him in person. Nope luckily I was all right. This betch just showed a middle finger in my cam (BTW this is not for me, this is for you), I hugged him and that's all I needed to feel like the happiest man in the world. 

Read more pages about Danila here coz I'm not his f* autobiographer LOL 

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As you know from my Instagram I attended an art event the day before yesterday. 
This was an exhibition of contemporary art held at ART4 gallery and curated by an internationally renowned contemporary artist - Andrey Bartenev.  
Actually this was one of my biggest dreams to see Bartenev's artworks with my own eyes, but hardly had I known that one day I would not only see the artworks but also meet the artist in person. Oh Lord the Jesus have mercy on me. Why are you so kind to me if you  give me all these incredible opportunities?  I feel so happy I can't even. 
I cannot express my excitement about how wonderful it is when you have a chance to share the same air with people who you have been admirimg since 'shitty kiddy diapers' times. 
Apart from the moscovian artistic elite (some of them didn't look like this way but more like dopey clochards), I could exchange a couple of kind words with Vasiliy from Volchok Clothing brand, hugged a top male androgyny model Danila Polyakov, got a compliment about my HOUSE rubber sandals from a popular  Russian TV host etc. 
 I didn't need drugs to be completely spaced out of the place. I can't say the same about the crowd though but who am I to judge, right? 
I sugest you to see a number of selected pictures.  They are as raw as possible. 
I will probably post a couple of  insider vids on my blog later after I edit them. I love y'all. 
I am asking you who the f* has ball to wear a plastic kettle on the head. Only the artist artist born in the damn hole of the polar bear of Siberia. I feel so proud of this man. He is the most creative of them all f* creatives. 

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