As you know from my Instagram I attended an art event the day before yesterday. 
This was an exhibition of contemporary art held at ART4 gallery and curated by an internationally renowned contemporary artist - Andrey Bartenev.  
Actually this was one of my biggest dreams to see Bartenev's artworks with my own eyes, but hardly had I known that one day I would not only see the artworks but also meet the artist in person. Oh Lord the Jesus have mercy on me. Why are you so kind to me if you  give me all these incredible opportunities?  I feel so happy I can't even. 
I cannot express my excitement about how wonderful it is when you have a chance to share the same air with people who you have been admirimg since 'shitty kiddy diapers' times. 
Apart from the moscovian artistic elite (some of them didn't look like this way but more like dopey clochards), I could exchange a couple of kind words with Vasiliy from Volchok Clothing brand, hugged a top male androgyny model Danila Polyakov, got a compliment about my HOUSE rubber sandals from a popular  Russian TV host etc. 
 I didn't need drugs to be completely spaced out of the place. I can't say the same about the crowd though but who am I to judge, right? 
I sugest you to see a number of selected pictures.  They are as raw as possible. 
I will probably post a couple of  insider vids on my blog later after I edit them. I love y'all. 
I am asking you who the f* has ball to wear a plastic kettle on the head. Only the artist artist born in the damn hole of the polar bear of Siberia. I feel so proud of this man. He is the most creative of them all f* creatives. 

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I wanted to pee and entered the WC. So I thought it was a pissing human, but this is not as you see. Do you pee in your sink, hah? LOL 

Look at her this tred of wearing a knitted hat on top of a baseball cap is not a new hot shit but damn this looks fabulous. I even spotted the same idea when browsing Polyvore a few months ago so then I wanted to wear my headpieces the same way too. 

This woman summed up what was happening around. She was sitting and  observing the constantly changing faces around and  sipping her Red Bull all the way down until the final hours of the exposition. When young you run and try to catsh as more as possible but  have no time for nothing as a resul, when old you just sit and observe and you've finally got it all, - that's what te concept of this photo I guess. So proud to be its maker. 

Vasiliy is a founder of one of the most successful streetstyle clothing brands here in Russia. I love the concept he created for his brand. 

In love with this this sweatshirt saying "КАЙФ" [extatic] in cyrrilic and having a Nike logo above  a letter. 


When I get it VETEMENTS it will already be out of fashion 

All photos by me

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