MFW 2017/18 Day 2: ANNA WOLF

On me: coat and baseball cap by Rosegal
tracking pants by Gosha Rubchinskiy, sneakers by Adidas, 
Burberry shirt, Maurice Chabale Design custom made hoodie

They have finally heard my prayer there on Heaven and I could make it to my 1st ever Moscow Fashion Week today. If only you knew what it had always meant to me: guys, it feels better than flying to the Moon and back. Come on, we all know,  that this is even better than sex (I'm kiddin'). 
When I got an e-mail from the PRs with an official invitation attached to it, I couldn't believe my eyes. Then I thought, why not,  I deserved this f*cking invitation, no? 
Unfortunately I couldn't attend the show by Valentin Yudashkin yesterday evening but  I thought I'd share some of my favourite pictures on Day 2. 
Firstly, I was supposed to attend the show by Alexandr Rogov and then go to GUM where they were to present a designer's collection (I wouln't like to call his name), but in the first case I missed the show because of being late, and they also didn't let any press in to the GUM SECTION because the designer was prolly an arrogant betch it was a private 'presentation'. 
So f*ck these "private events", we all know that this is just all about marketing for clothes that  doesn't really deserve such a huge buzz around it.
I don't regret anything, because I met an aquaintance with a young talented photographer there who I agreeed to collaborate with for working together on one secret project. 
Apart from a few local celebrities whom I saw at Anna Wolf's fashion show, Rosegal also made my day. I got a parcel from them. They sent me a brand new coat and a baseball cap saying "Brooklyn" on it. Do you like them? 

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