Publick talk: designer Konstantin Gayday and blogger Masha Kolosova at AVIAPARK

photo courtesy: Aviapark

Last week I got invited to a public talk event where a renowned Russian millinery designer Konstantin Gayday presented his fashion installation called "Triumph of autumn" that was followed by a 1- hour interview assisted by a fashion & lifestyle blogger Kyklamasha  in a  shopping center -  Aviapark. 
The topic for the installation was chosen accordingly to the current fall fashion season so was the discussion about. 
After a short cocktail drinks lounge time in the lobby of Trend Island,  which is actually the main "lecture zone" in the shopping center, a dozen of beautifully dressed girls and single male person aka me were seated and treated by hospitable stuff just to listen to Kostantin's personal stories from his background in the fashion industry. 
It was interesting to know how the fashion business in Russia is made from  the inside. 
Like any other business there are many hidden dangers there, you know. 
For example, I remembered a story when Grand Dame of Russian Art House Cinema Renata Litvinova (BTW she is a good friend of Gosha Rubchinskiy and Demna Gvasalia, a current artistic director of Balenciaga) called Konstantin and said that she urgently needed a hat. 
She omitted the details, of course, but Konstantin like being a multi-talented creator managed to create a real piece of art out of some pieces of fabric and feathers and numerous payettes he had been collecting for years. 
Renata then starred in one of her magnifiscent movies wearing this hat. 
I was thrilled to have a chance of meeting such a famous designer in person. 
We even exchanged some complimentary words with each other and it was fun. Thank you, dear Konstantin for a very interesting discussion. 
I just wanted to share some pictures with you. There is also a video, but it is raw - I hope I will edit it a bit later to post it on my YouTube channel. 

Find the nerdy girl in the row. LOL

All photos by me

I am wearing a "BHL" shirt and an "Artijom" bag by Maurice Chabale design

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