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Xenia Sobchak  at Kamilla Purshie Fashion Show 

I made it to the last day of Moscow Fashion Week today and look whom I saw there. 
Thank God I didn't go to the cinema theatre because my friend was busy and couldn't join me there so as I didn't want to stay at home on Sunday evening  I went straight forward to Gostiniy Dvor place where I met Xenia Sobchak. If you don't know who Xenia is you don't exist to me. She is everything. OMG. I can't believe my eyes have seen the future President of Russia. Ok, by now she's a presidential candidate.  

Photo by me 

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Yura Kiryushin's exhibition opening at LISObon Art Gallery

I have just come back home after a very exciting event held by LISObon art gallery. It was an art exhibition opening by a young and talented contemporary artist Yura Kiryushin. 
I had so much fun there. I feel my life being so complete every time when I meet new interesting people like  it was today. Hope you will enjoy the pictures I've  taken  during the party. 

Happy to have finally meet one of the most iconic stylists in Russia - Vlad Lisovets who is actually a founder of the Lisobon. 

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