Hi there! I know I've been procrastinating for so long but  I absolutely couldn't make myself to start writing this blogpost not only because I had no time for it but also because I initially had been waiting for permission to write this piece for I had promised my friend not to post my pictures from the fashion show until the official photo release of the collection on GEOMETRIA appears.  
Actually I am glad I could  put all my thoughts together after a while  this means that now I can write something which  is going to be 'cold-hearted' cause when I was vising my  friend's show I was feeling extremely emotional  which would  play a bad trick with the post I guess.
You know I've got so much to do on my 'real real' job (as some of you maybe know that apart from working in the social media field I've been working as an ESL Teacher for Denis schools here in Moscow for 4 months already). 
Someone has to do a 'dirty' job to get his penny while those powers that be could be enjoying their luxurious life visiting shows and covering events for then be rolling in cash,  right? 
(I'm just kidding I understand how hard the celebrities' life can be so I don't feel jealous at all).
Well let's come closer to business. 
A few months ago my friend, a designer from the South Osetia, invited me to visit his show in Gelendzhik (South of Russia). 
I wish I could do this because I knew how important this presentation was for my him for he had previously texted  me  many times about every stage of the collection was at to ask me about  my thoughts and my vision. 
I am actually so pleased he was interested in my opinion. If you were me you would feel the same way too I am sure.
So I was a bit down because I couldn't attend my friend's show. At that time my adaptation in the capital of Russia was in full swing and I was facing so much stress duing this period of time. 
Lucky I was to get another chance to attend the very same show later on (in a month and a half )  when the friend told me he was going to show his new Spring/Summer 2018 collection in Saint - Petersburg at Neva Fashion Week 2018So I bought the tickets without thinking.  
Furthermore he even let me to do castings of models and to style the collection. What an honor! 
We had so much fun with the models backstage. I feel so grateful for this unique chance to try my skills as a stylist. 
So now  this is for you to see the pictures below and tell what think you about my collaboration with BEKOEV COLLECTION

All photos by me

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