Maison Margiela Spring 2018 Couture Show 

Here is a video (courtesy of YOUTUBE) representing a magnifiscent MMM Spring  2018  Couture fashion show styled by a celebrity stylist Alexis Roche who along with the Maison Martin Margiela Fashion House's Creative Director John Galliano and the top make - up artist Pat Mcgrath  made a great job for this Couture season in Paris IMHO. I love everything about the show: the set, models' make-up, its futuristic feelб Jessi Reaves' sculptures & so on. 

"Wildly imaginative, technically masterful, violently beautiful – that’s a start. Galliano’s girls were like futuristic, otherworldly creatures whose colourful spaceship had crash landed in Paris from some distant planet. Their clothes had recognisable elements – there was sportswear, a neon fuchsia slip dress and a black suit, for instance – but all were transformed, pushed far beyond boundaries, norms, or expectations. Swathes of PVC wrapped limbs, trainers had hybrid plastic casings, and one windbreaker dress had a beaded skeleton of a skirt which stood away from the body.",  - DAZED reports about the show. MAJOR!

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