Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Presentation at Hotel d`Evreux

If you haven't heard about the scandal which has recently arisen around Russian fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko & a blogger  - turned businesswoman Miroslava Duma at the peak of Couture Fashion Week you must be living undermine. Let me tell it from the very beginning. 
Two fashion insiders came under fire after one of them (Miroslava Duma)  posted a handwritten note from Sergeenko on her IG stories. The note was featuring a quote with the N-word. 
That was initially a reference to the  Kaney West & Jay - Z song "N*** in Paris"
Such a 'naive' & ignorant mistake cost Duma a position on the board of The Tot (a Dallas-based childrenswear retailer) where she was removed from the other day. 
Only God knows what a triggered social media outrage still actively scorching on the net would cost her friend Ulyana Sergeenko who had previously apologized for her disturbing behavior. 
Not sencere enough though for thousands of  SM commentors whose feelings were deeply hurt by the racial slur and who wondered who was going to attend the  Sergeenko's presentation on Wednesday morning. 
Nonetheless some people prompted others to boycott Ulyana's show there were fair enough of renowned attendees such as Suzy Menkez, Dita von Tease, Frol Burimskiy to think of the presentation as a sucessful celebration of  Ulyana's 'Russian Fairy-Tale'. 
I am personally amazed by how professional Suzy Menkez behaved by ignoring the non-fashion related negativity around the designer's name and just doing her job. And I would like to thank her for that. 
The presentation turned out to be  extremely chic: this time around Ulyana Sergeenko collaborated with the Imperial Porcelain Manufactury in Saint Petersburg (that I myself once visited back in 2014)  to show exclusive lace embroidery, "the Russian handwork as beautifully done as porcelain effects" & "the innocence of the Russian maiden" re-invented in a form of  one of 18+ Haute Couture dresses. 
You can see the full LOOK BOOK of Ulyana Sergeenko SS 2018 Couture collection here or here

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