MBFWR: Roma Uvarov Design Spring/Summer 2018

Once again, I am thrilled and honored to be invited to a plenty of fashion shows thanks to Mercedez - Benz Fashion Week Russia. This was my first MBFWR experience and I loved it so much. 
There were  so many celebrities attending the shows whose names & faces I  only know because I used to see some magazine covers featuring these famous people when I was a child. 
But now I was sitting at an arm's length behind or saw them backstage and even could say "Hi!", and what is more stunning,  they said their "Hi"s to me in response too. 
I feel so excited while writing this piece actually. 
This Fashion Week is like a real organism because it lives in accordance with its particular rules: everyone tries to outshine each other and this seems like to be some kind of a national sport, it's still vitally important to be caught by a camera of Acielle from Style Du Monde, either way to share a selfie with Kristen from Vogue Diary  or Arthur Ayvazyan (who is a patron of the Moscovian streetstyle) on Instagram. 
This season gave un as sad moments  like Slava Zaitsev's last fashion show as the happy ones.
There was even a sensational moment at Bella Potemkina's show  they would better keep in secret but no the "piquant" situation has become a tabloid fixture for a few days in a row. 
In the next posts I am going to share with you some pictures and comments about my favourite shows during Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2018. 
Here's my photo archive of Roma Uvarov Design S/S 2018 fashion collection. 
A Creative Director of this brand  Roma Uvarov is a 'new name of Russian fashion'.  Looking at the images Roma created for his new fashion show I can not deny it!
Not only him being a talented young creative personality but he also makes trends and pushes  the boundaries forward in menswear which I admire the most. 

All photos by Valeria Berezhnova

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