WISHLIST for Fall 2018

Photo courtesy: ZARA.com

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing so I am currently browsing Vogue in search of some inspiration. Looking at all those images which depict fine clothes I cannot afford anyway, I am still ebracing some common trends that I might find in mass market departments or thrift shops in the future since they were sold at more affordable prices. 
Here is a list of top 10+ things I am going to buy for the fall 2018 season (*fingers crossed*).
I have been obsessed with the idea of having them in my wardrobe for already a couple of months.
I am going to use them not only for wearing on a daily basis but for some pre-planned photo projects. 
I know that most part of my readers come from Europe & the USA so they may be interested in the below mentioned  brands too because they are really trending right at the moment and trust me if you pay attention to them you will not regret.
Forget your Goshas, Demnas and all and throw them up in your attic - it's a high time to discover new names that you have probably never heard of before. 
I love fashion for it's a never ending game of exploration of something new and original.
Tell me what you think of my list and whether  should I post the  Part II of the list or not. #laLove

1. A head band by ALEXANDR ROGOV 

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2. Hoodie "POWER" by Artem Krivda Design 

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3. Belt by SVARKA

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4. Sports trousers by Artem Krivda Design 

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Rhodes Photo Diary

As some of you know, I came back from Rhodes (Greece) a few days ago where I was on vacation. Believe it or not but  that this was my first ever time in Europe. I love Europe and I've always dreamt of visiting this continent. This expierience was like losing virginity to me (JK). I mean now I am eager to visiting as more European countries as possible. This is like my goal. Think France, think Italy, think of any point on the map situanted near holy Scandinavia etc. 
I decided that travelling is going to be one of my priorities in life. Oh my poor wallet! 
Thanks to those powers - that -  be that made this trip possible! 

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Thrilled to introduce you to my new photo project that I did with my dream team back in May when I was staying at my parent's casa in Krasnodar, South Russia. 
I initially had an idea of mixing the crazy yet nonchalant character of the 90-ies epoch with the elegance of clothes made by one of my favorite designers - Xox Bekoev  whose show I would be  attending quite often  a few years ago. 
The entire concept of my previous work  has evolved to be transformed into the doom and philosophical background which is slick woven into the fabric of each & every image. 
But the name of the project  says it all particularly.  
I also borrowed some pieces of clothes from my mom's wardrobe  which I thought would suit the models the best way. And they would,  actually.   
What I have got as a result has turned out into something different (from my initial idea) I guess that is hard to define. 
For example, those black & white photos, to my opinion,  are very Vogue Russia style indeed, don't you think so? 
It was a very hard project to do, there's so much work staying behind,  but I  am more than satisfied with the final result. 
Hope so you are too. 
Many thanks to Rustem, Nastya, Alesia, Julia, Eugenia, Xox, Karina. I love y'all. *kisses*

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