It's been months since I last posted content related to my previous fashion photo-project on my blog. 
And what I have to say is  that it's becoming harder and harder over & over again  for ideas in my head to see the light though the outcome buys all the effort put into incredible work me and my team apply to each project every time. 
I guess this photo - project is going to become a cherry on a pie in my portfolio and after I cease getting   my new 'stylist webpage' done I will be ready for the next step in my self-education:  enrolling in a course for stylists. 
I haven't chosen a particular school yet because there are lots of them of various kinds here in Moscow but recently I've been following one project called  ONLINE. INSIDE on Instagram which is headed by former Editor-in-Chief of Numero Russia magazine - Igor Andreev and I love it. 
I am going to attend his 'open master class' tomorrow BTW. 
Speaking about the project let me not get into the routine background details shadowing the final result for I don't want to spoil your first impression, but trust me it all was not easy to do. Period!  
I would just like to thank my incredible teammated  who were helping me in making my dream come true.
You know it all started as an illusion coming through my mind when I was visiting The Pushkine State  Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, Russia,  this August. 
Me & Lera, the photographer had been previously discussing possible ideas for our new project for a couple of days already but they all had been vague. 
I couldn't decide what I wanted exactly. 
I literally couldn't eat & sleep without having a Power Point Presentation  done which would summarize all  thoughts swirling my mind before. 
The moment I was wandering around those pictures representing the Art of Germany & the Netherlands which dated back by the XVth - XVIth century, yet the Art Flanders of the XVIIth century, I had a clear flash in my mind:  I inevitably wanted to make all those paintings live. 
I also wanted  to weave this outdated aethetics into the modern context of fashion by adding a bit of 'localism' (I mean using clothes of Russian designers particularly) into the new visuals I would be creating later on. 
I'm now having tears on my eyes when I'm writing this piece cause it's such an emotional moment for me  when I realise that random people shared the same aethetics as me, they tried to help me  as much as they could in doing what I wanted, and my creative ego  needed. 
And as a result we have this baby born. 
Sorry for my being pathetic maybe but all my creative initials are truly my kids. 
In spite of the fact we don't get in touch very often due to our 'side' jobs, I love you all and I feel like you have become a part of me for a short period of time while working on the project. 
Mey God bless your beautiful souls! Each & every of you (you know who you are!). 

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New work alert: "Inspired by the Dark Ages" 

Producer/style: @mauricechabale

Camera: @berezhnova_valeriia

Hair: @a_a_styler

MUA: @paylini_makeup

Model: @iam.muhiddin

Location: ГБУК г. Москвы «ГМЗ «Царицыно» @tsaristyno_moskva

Clothes: hoodie: @romauvarovdesign/socks: @volchokclothing/ @volchokmoscow/hoodie: @artemkrivdadesign/ grey shirt: @mauricechabaledesign/trousers: @nikitinio/vest: @sowhat_clothing/ beige vest: @elenalichutina/blck shirt: @reserved

Special thanks to @nobagency for support

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