MEET-UP WITH ADAM KATZ SINDING "This is not a f*cking book launch world tour"AT POP-UP SHOP MBFWR Day 2

Disclaimer on a TV screen was boldly saying: "This is not a f*cking book launch" when the worldwide famous, American-born, photo-journalist Adam Katz Sinding showed up at the venue to answer his numerous fans' questions and, more importantly, to sign his book called (what do you think?): "This is not a f*cking street style book" for 40 luckier ones. 
I guess there's noone in the fashion industry who never heard of  Le 21ème, Adam's nickname after his infamous online photo journal.
I had heard of the book before but I didn't know the fact that its Preface had been written by Virgil Abloh before his appointment  as Men's Wear Designer at  Louis Vuitton.  That is interesting and it means that Mr. Katz was a fortune teller somehow. 
Anyway, I had a chance to ask Adam a question about his favourite fashion week. 
He answered - Paris Fashion Week,  which is quite explainable cause PFW is major in my opinion too. 
I also wanted to ask another question: "What's that beef between him & Declan Chan that one could see during one of the book-signing sessions on Instagram a year ago I guess?" but I thought it was someting personal and stupid to ask. 
I had been waiting for 30 minutes for a selfie with Adam but unfortunately the queue was too long &  I was pressed for a  time, but nevertheless I had managed to take a photo of him before the meet-up. 
He's in a good shape IMHO. I like his smile too. 
Maybe next time is a selfie time? 

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