I have no words.  I like this video so much. My heart is bleeding when I hear his voice.  
How come noone told me about this video since you saw me at MFW wearing a hoodie with "Lil Peep" print on front? I ain't a pimpled teenager (but an old lady Xo-Xo) but I'm obsessed. 
I guess you know what I mean. 

R.I.P. Lil Peep ❤

BTW if you didn't see my custom-made hoodie click NEXT to see the picture 

Artem Krivda Design X Black Star Wear Fashion Show At Moscow Fashion Week 2018

It has been really long since the last time I blogged because frankly speaking I've  been  bogged with work for all this time around.
I am currently working on thousands of projects at the same time but nevertheless I couldn't miss Moscow Fashion Week this year.
I managed to visit the final day of the event to attend the most  anticipated show by Artem Krivda Design, the eponimous Russian streetwear brand which collaborated with another popular fashion mogul - Black Star Wear.
Male models showed oversized sweatshirts in eye-catching colors, cropped pants that paired well with neon orange/green socks and ankle combat boots, cotton T-shirts with prints saying "FIRST SNOW", "SEXUAL HARRASSEMENT", "THE NORTH", "URSA MAJOR"on them to name a few.
But if I were a buyer I  would opt for the sleeveless dress with embellishments  worn over a black bathing suit. That was really hot!

See more pictures below