"Me, my bunny and Karl Marx"

Not a long time ago I went to my native city -  Krasnodar, Russia, - to see my friends and family. 
But, of course, I could not resist from doing something creative there because it was the middle of the spring and everything blossoming: an idea of a new project had quickly come to my mind. 
I had been keeping it in mind to shoot in front of a monument of Karl Marx in the outskirts of the city for quite a long time before I moved for Moscow and there was no doubt where to shoot when this time I met my partner-in-crime Julia Chicago, a photographer,  to discuss a concept of our future project. 
Karl Marx, as you know, was a German philosopher, yet journalist, whose major piece of writing was called "Das Capital" ("Capital"). 
I tried to put a link between currently degrading American capitalism, 'pin-up' culture, Bugs Bunny series of animated short films which in total all made a frame for my frivolous and playful styling of the photoshoot. 
I hope you'll like it. I love y'all. 

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Pink sweater, sequined top, graphic print skirt - FAMILIA shop
Gloves - Dsquared2;
Belt - Gucci
Scarf: my mom's belonging
Hair pin - Gloria Jeans 


Production: Maurice Chabale Media
Camera: Julia Chicago

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